A little bit of magic

Alpinestars SPZ Gloves

Words and Pics by Simon Bradley

Easy to do up and get on...I have a confession to make. I utterly detest wearing winter gloves. To me, riding with thick gloves on is akin to typing with a duvet over the keyboard. The lack of feel and the frequently constricting nature of the gloves makes me tense and I often end up riding like even more of a fool than usual because I'm not "at one with my machine." To use a 1950's cliche.

So when my old Spada Elite gloves finally bit the dust I was pretty disappointed. Because they had managed to combine the delicacy of a summer glove with the waterfroofing of a winter one. Which was worth having. Happily, however, salvation was, um, at hand. Sorry. Enter the Alpinestars SPZ.

These look like regular sports gloves. They're a tiny bit thicker, but not much. They have armour in all the right places and they have some nice white and flourescent yellow highlights so drivers can count how many fingers you're waving at them.

But they have clearly been soaked in snake oil. Because they are utterly waterproof and surprisingly warm. I rode through what seemd like a monsoon and ended up drenched. My boots, though waterproof in themselves, were part full of water which had come through my waterproofs, soaked my trousers and run down my legs. My shirt was wet almost everywhere. But my hands were both warm and dry - a combination of a very effective wrist closure and impossibly impervious material meant that I still had enough feeling in my fingers to peel off the various sodden items of other clothing.

There isn't actually a huge amount more I can say about these gloves. I've work them through a winter and they are absolutely brilliant. They're not especially expensive, retailing at just over £100 but easy to find for closer to £70. They are comfortable, they work and they don't make your hands smell like they've spent the last week in a sumo wrestler's laundry bin. While I have no intention of crash testing them, I am confident that were I to take my commitment to product reviews to the next level I'd still be able to write afterward.

Try a pair. You won't be disappointed.





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