Trackdays for virgins . . . encore!

A bargain book

Words by Simon Bradley

Those of you with reasonable memories might recall that a couple of years ago we reviewed “Motorcycle Trackdays for Virgins” – a guide to doing trackdays on your bike, aimed at the less experienced.

Well the original publisher is no longer handling the book, so we’ve decided to do it ourselves. That means we can save you a couple of bob as well, because we don’t have to pay anyone else.

You can find the review here, but in short it’s a light hearted but informative look at what you should expect on your first trackday, what you should do to prepare yourself and what you should endeavour to avoid. It also makes some suggestions as to how to deal with the occasional misfortune.

There are guides to the main UK tracks, though as it’s a couple of years since the book was published these aren’t entirely up to date. No problem – you can download an addendum here and print it out to pop in the appropriate place.

Nothing else has changed, the advice is still current though some of the pictures may be slightly dated.
Bottom line? This book used to retail for £12.99 plus post and packing. Taking everything in house means we can sell it for £7.99 including UK postage and packing.

That’s got to be a bargain, so grab yours by clicking on the "Buy now" button. Don't worry, it's perfectly secure.





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