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Last Updated: Monday 10th August 2020





Having turned the world upside down by coming out with a bike that wasn't really sensible at all, then revising it to become even more bonkers, BMW have again shaken things up with the latest incarnation of the S1000RR Lighter. tricker, more powerful. Because the old one was so lardy and uncomplicated... But is it any good?


We are always on the lookout for guest reviewers, and along came Jez Weaver with his KTM 1190 Adventureat just the right time. Here it is - tall, gangly and perhaps aesthetically challenged. And you thought I was going to throw in a cheap joke, didn't you. As if.

A true, unbiased owner's view.

Supermotos were all the rage for a while, until people realised that they were uncomfortable, harsh and generally not very good. They were also rather expensive in a "less is (a lot) more" sort of way. The SWM SM500R addresses all those criticisms. Is the Supermoto valid again?


Staying Alive may be a great Bee-Gees song, but it's also one of my favourite pastimes. Along with riding motorbikes. So something which combines those two things must be fabulous. And it is. Absolutely bloomin' fantastic. BikeSafe is a brilliant concept that's been running a while now, and we tried the Surrey version.




Airbags on motorbikes aren't new. Airbag suits aren't new either. I'm not even sure that airvests are new. But. Airvests that are sensibly priced and as brilliantly usable as the Helite Turtle possibly are new. Have a read and see what you think... BMW's 1250GS is a strange combination of fashion, genuine icon, dinosaur and technological marvel. It has many parts and manages to be more than the sum of them all. It's been around for a while and this latest incarnation is...well, read the review. Retro cafe racers are brilliant. Sometimes. There are some that are a bit too retro. And some that are a bit too cafe. Then there's the SWM 440 Gran Milano which, depite the slightly pretensious name, sits firmly in the middle.

We road test the bikes you want to see, many are unique to the Web and do not feature on any other UK website. Get the real reviews on today's bikes only on MotorbikesToday.com *For all our latest road tests go to the Reviews Index*




Sometimes it's easy to forget that, while us old lags have been steadily acquiring biking wisdom over the years some readers may not have the dubious beneft of our advancing ages. So here, with the aid of the nice people at Bikesure, are some little pearls of biking knowledge which may come in handy.

Sometimes a product comes along that is neither original nor especially cheap, and yet it still manages to make you believe it's the best thing ever. These Kushitani GPR-6 gloves fall into that category. They are simply the best gloves I have ever worn. When Arai replace their top of the range helmet with a significant (though subtle) redesign it's definitely an event worthy of comment. So we actually bought one, and used it and examined it and then, for your reading pleasure and education, wrote about it. It's called the RX7-V and it's worth looking at...




Wiz sliders have been around for, it seems, as long as sliders have been popular. And they keep getting better while at the same time managing not to really change at all. That's a neat trick. Of course, the reason they dont really change is simple - there is absolutely no reason why they should... We're fans of one piece oversuits here. Especially fully featured ones with armour and everything that you can slip over your normal clothes and minimise the palaver associated with riding to and from work (for instance). The Spada Stelvio is such a suit, but at a budget price. Is it a budget suit though? read on...

Scrubbers Leathers should be a name with which you are familiar. If you're not, and you ride a bike in the UK, read this and have a think about getting familiar with them. We sent the editors foul and foetid textile suit off to get clean, and it came back in extraordinary shape...

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