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Last Updated: Thursday 17th November 2021





Sensible twin cylinder BMWs.h have been a familiar site on these roads for longer than most of us can remember. Here's another - the R NineT Pure - which is actually not sensible at all. We got our hands on one for a while and the conclusion was surprising.

A few months ago Thalassa va Beek introduced herself on these pages and threatened to review bikes and kit. Well, as good as her word, here are some of her experiences to date on the Yamaha XT700 Tenere. The review is different from our usual style, but we like it. Love to hear your opinions...

This is something of a big deal. Really. A glimmer of hope, perhaps more than just a glimmer. Motorcycle Live is confirmed for 2021. Closer to Christmas than usual (look at it as an opportunity) but real, person tp person, contact with your fellow bikers and a chance to look at all the stuff that's been waiting for us. Bring it on!

Valentino Rossi. Mention motorcycle racing to anyone in the last twenty years or so, and unless they are seriously into something else the chances are that Rossi will be the first person they can think of. He's ubiquitous, charming, talented, entertaining...and as the old man of the MotoGP grid, he's also retiring.




BMW are probably best known these days for their beaky-faced advenbture bikes made famous by certain actors. And at a glance the S1000XR might seem to be cut from a similar cloth. And indeed it is...and yet at the same time it isn't. Confused? Don't blame you. Read on, and see if it makes sense...

Having turned the world upside down by coming out with a bike that wasn't really sensible at all, then revising it to become even more bonkers, BMW have again shaken things up with the latest incarnation of the S1000RR Lighter. tricker, more powerful. Because the old one was so lardy and uncomplicated... But is it any good?

Turtles have hard shells, live ages and are spectacularly cool. This eTurtle has a hard shell, some really cool electronics and will help you live a lot longer. It's a development of the original Turtle we tested a while ago, and it's different. Have a read to find out more...

We road test the bikes you want to see, many are unique to the Web and do not feature on any other UK website. Get the real reviews on today's bikes only on MotorbikesToday.com *For all our latest road tests go to the Reviews Index*




Thalassa van Beek is a former model, former grid-girl, university graduate and pretty handy rider. If she wasn't such a nice person she'd be infuriating. As it is she's our latest guest writer, reviewing kit, journeys, bikes, whatever as she travels around Europe and who knows where. But here she introduces herself...

Supermotos were all the rage for a while, until people realised that they were uncomfortable, harsh and generally not very good. They were also rather expensive in a "less is (a lot) more" sort of way. The SWM SM500R addresses all those criticisms. Is the Supermoto valid again?


Staying Alive may be a great Bee-Gees song, but it's also one of my favourite pastimes. Along with riding motorbikes. So something which combines those two things must be fabulous. And it is. Absolutely bloomin' fantastic. BikeSafe is a brilliant concept that's been running a while now, and we tried the Surrey version.




Wiz sliders have been around for, it seems, as long as sliders have been popular. And they keep getting better while at the same time managing not to really change at all. That's a neat trick. Of course, the reason they dont really change is simple - there is absolutely no reason why they should...

Sometimes it's easy to forget that, while us old lags have been steadily acquiring biking wisdom over the years some readers may not have the dubious beneft of our advancing ages. So here, with the aid of the nice people at Bikesure, are some little pearls of biking knowledge which may come in handy.

KLIM is one of the most successful companies in the motorcycle industry of whom you have probably never heard. The Hardanger suit is a prime example. Over the last ten months and several thousand miles we've oput those claims to the test. Well most of them, anyway...

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