Slid down the road ?
Leathers a little second hand?
You need Scrubbers !

This is the last time that my crash of a couple of years back gets mentioned here. I hope. Anyway, as will be fairly obvious, when I threw my bike down the road I was wearing protective kit - leathers, gloves, boots and so on - which bore the brunt of both the impact and the resulting slide. The kit was far from new, and although it did its job magnificently it came out of the experience slightly more battered than I did. Which was a shame, because I really liked my leathers, my gloves were fabulous and my boots were comfortable and able to be worn off the bike as well as on it.

A boot. Well, my boot, actually, before going off to Scrubbers.Enter Scrubbers.

We've looked at Scrubbers' cleaning service before, and found that it is good. Bloody good, in fact. But now we had an opportunity to try out their repair service as well. So it seemed rude not to.

Scrubbers is a small business, based in Coventry, Warwickshire, who specialise in cleaning and rejuvenating motorcycle clothing. Repairs are a smaller part of their business, but an important one. They have a very practical approach in that they can return your leathers to mint, fresh as the day you bought them condition. They can get scuffs re-connollised, they can deep clean, they can patch and virtually invisibly mend. But they are honest enough to explain to you, when you're discussing your requirements in the first place, that this work may well be somewhat less than cost effective. Especially with good quality leathers getting more and more accessible and less expensive.


Anyway, to get Scrubbers swinging into action on your behalf is very straightforward. First, fall off your bike. Actually, that's optional - leathers could get chewed by pets, all sorts of things - but it's the most likely reason why you'll be using this service. Then contact Scrubbers, tell them what you've done and see what they suggest. In fact, that's optional as well. Pack your leathers up, post them to Scrubbers and include your contact details with a mobile number. This bit is mandatory - they haven't yet got their long range psychic repair service working reliably so until they do they need to have the leathers there. If you've not been in touch already, you should include some instructions as to what you would like them to do. You'll get a text message from them telling you that the leathers have arrived, and you may well get a call or e-mail if there's anything they want to discuss with you. The same boot on its return. Yes, it's winter and the other shot is summer - that's why the grass is greener. But...

After a short time (a week or two, generally, depending on workload and the severity of the damage) you'll get another text telling you that your leathers are on the way back to you. As with their cleaning service, you'll get them delivered to your address of choice with a note detailing what has been done. Times having changed slightly from when we first met Scrubbers, you'll now need to pay (either by PayPal or by cheque) before your kit comes back to you.

So I duly pulled the sliders off my leathers and sent them, with my gloves and boots, off to be dealt with. I honestly I didn't expect much of the glove repair and the boots went in simply to see what they could do. I mean, they were five years old before being thrown down the track, so I couldn't really expect too much, could I?

Well actually perhaps I could.

Let's start with the boots. Though not really badly damaged, they were scuffed, faded, filthy dirty and really not good for very much any more. When they came back they were still missing a couple of slider mounting screws and so on...but that's it. The colour was vibrant, the scuffs were barely visible and they were cleaner than they have been for years.

The gloves were seriously damaged in the crash, and then suffered further by being used in the workshop for the next year or so. Well, I needed hand protection but I didn't need armour, just to be able to hold stuff which was sharp or hot. I told Scrubbers that there was no point in their doing the gloves as I'd never use them on the bike Hole in the elbow, tattered shoulder, yep, they need some attention...again anyway, but they suggested sending them as a demonstration, to show what they could do. Obviously they could do quite a lot, because the first thing that I did when I got the gloves back was to pop my winter liners in and start using them again. The burst seams were all repaired and looked almost as good as new, while the couple of tears were neatly glued. Then they'd been thoroughly cleaned. No, they weren't like new. But I've used them most days since, as they are the only gloves I've got that are loose enough to allow my inners to fit comfortably. Which is impressive.

Finally, the leathers themselves. They weren't trashed but they were distinctly battered and had some small tears and holes which needed attention before I was really going to be happy wearing them. The hole on the elbow has been very neatly patched, the worst parts of damaged decoration have been removed and tidied while the rest have been glued and restitched and the scuffed areas have been recoloured and reinforced as necessary. And of course they've been cleaned to the usual high standard. The end result was little short of miraculous, my trusty Daineses being restored to a condition where I'm not just happy to be seen in them, I'm also comfortable wearing them, and trusting them to protect me. What's even better is that there are still some scars - almost badges of honour - which are, to be honest, pretty cool.

Patched elbow, restored colour...The whole process took place around Christmas which obviously slows things down a bit. And I'd said I wasn't in a hurry as I am generally using my other kit for the winter. So three weeks is pretty reasonable - two would be more the norm. Prices vary depending on exactly what you need doing and how demanding you are but if you budgeted for around a hundred and fifty pounds, including postage, then you wouldn't be too disappointed. As with last time we used them, I cannot recommend this service highly enough.

If you need something like this then Scrubbers Leathers can be found here.



This is how they look after repair and cleaning. 7 years old now, heavily used and looking this good? Now THAT is good value!


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