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With two of the longest straights in the country, this is not a circuit for the faint-hearted
Snetterton Circuit
Norwich NR16 2JU
 Jamie Hopper
opening times:
0900-1700 Mon-Fri - circuit also has a 24hr licence
circuit length:
1.952 miles

How to get There

from the north:
take the A1 south to Newark, then the A17 SE through Sleaford to Kings Lynn, then the A10 and A134 to Thetford, then A11 NE towards Norwich
from the south and east:
from Cambridge take the A14 NE and then the A11 NE through Thetford towards Norwich


medium, mostly tarmac with some grass and gravel areas, large grassed overspill area
yes - 30+
on-site for racedays, petrol station on A11 at circuit entrance
Tyrells Restuarant at rear of paddock area


Circuit Map


Originally a US bomber base during the second World War, the circuit was created in 1951 wwhen the American Air Force went home. The circuit has had many revisions since then, notably the major shortening in the late 70s that reduced the track length from 2.7 miles to the current 1.9 miles, by removing the long straight and hairpin that took vehicles almost up to the A11, and is now used for circuit access and the Sunday Market. At he same time the notoriously fast and dangerous S-bend between Coram and the start-finish straight was replaced by the painfully slow Russells Bend, although was eased somewhat in 1997.

At the end of 1996 the whole circuit was re-surfaced, getting rid of some of the vagaries of grip caused by the multi-compound surfaces, especially in the wet. The general facilities and access were also improved, and the track areas around the the Esses and the infamous Bomb Hole were tidied up.

Trackday Operators
100% Bikes 0870-8722532
Track Time Promotions 01386-423555
Focused Events 01903-744011
No Limits 07000-600750
European Superbike School 0870-2415159
Where to Stay
distance from circuit
Strenneth Country B&B, Fersfield, Diss 01379-688182
4 miles
The Angel Hotel, Larling 01953-717963 1 mile
Hill House Farm B&B 01953-453113 5 miles
Best Western Hotel, Wymondham 01953-606721 5 miles
The Thatched House B&B, Thetford 01953-483577 5 miles
The Hollies B&B, Eccles 01953-888307 2 miles
Country Travel Lodge B&B, Larling 01953-498421 2 miles
Home Farm B&B, Wymondham 01953-602581 6 miles
Abbey Hotel, Wymondham 01953-602148 10 miles
Park Farm Country Hotel, Hethersett 01603-810264 8 miles
The Thomas Paine Hotel, Thetford 01842-755631 9 miles
The Mill Farmhouse B&B, Snetterton 01953-498590 1 mile
Sherbourne House Hotel, Attleborough 01953-454363 4 miles
College Farm Hotel, Thompson 01953-483318 8 miles

A Lap of The Circuit

As usual, out of the pits onto the start/finish straight. The first bend, Riches, is an uncomplicated right hander. Provided it is dry. In the wet, Riches is a lake. Oh, and the prevailing wind can mean that as you sit up to brake at the end of the straight you act like a sail and don’t lose speed like you’d expect. It is said that the field alongside the track now grows bits of motorbikes instead of carrots. I don’t know about that, but I do know it bites, so treat it with respect.

Out of Riches there is a short straight to Sear – another right hander, this time with lots of runoff. Watch for the very rough concrete on the outside edge of the track and try to be back on the tarmac before the gravel starts, especially if you’re still leant over. Watch out for highsides. The following Revett Straight is probably the fastest place in British Motorcycling. This year the Superbikes were doing over 190mph down it, so it will certainly be a chance for you to stretch your bike’s legs if you want. Just remember that all straights have an end, and that you will have to scrub off a lot of speed and energy before attempting The Esses – a left-right complex that comes up much too fast. You need to get all your braking out of the way before the Dunlop bridge. The left is fast but the right is slow and narrow.

The Esses exit straight into The Bombhole - a sweeping right hander with very little runoff and a large dip in the middle which can upset things a little. There’s a grandstand here for a reason – it’s a good place to watch. that means you need to be careful. Watch for highsides on the exit, again.

Coram is the next bend, a very long, very fast right hander. Hug the inside for as long as you can or you risk running out of track on the exit. Russell Bend, which comes next, used to be the most hairy bend in the country. Changes over the last few years have made it much slower and safer but robbed it of its character. Now it is no more than a sharp right-left chicane leading back onto the start/finish straight for another lap. As is so often the case, be very wary of highsides on the exit, especially as the left side of your tyres will be cold. Stay off the kerbs if it is wet.

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