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The British Motorcyclist Federation is launching an all-out attack on the dangers presented to motorcyclists by vehicles spilling diesel from overfull tanks or via poorly fitted fuel caps.

Concerned that the general public do not know of the danger spilt diesel presents, the BMF will also be sponsoring the high-profile KillSpills campaign, including the KillSpills London Rally on September 10th.

Diesel spills on road surfaces are a menace to anyone on two wheels. Spilt diesel is often difficult to see until it is too late and then, as if riding on ice, the rider’s wheels lose adhesion. If a rider is lucky he can ride over a spillage, but if encountered on a bend or roundabout while banked over, a crash is often inevitable.

Now, with the BMF sponsoring the KillSpills active campaign, the BMF hopes to raise the profile of the issue. Last year’s KillSpills demonstration attracted over 800 motorcyclists and provided graphic proof that this issue is high on the agenda of the motorcycling community.

Jeff Stone, Simon Wilkinson and Stephen Edwards, Darren Bourne of Kill Spills Team at launch of KillSpills 2005.
Announcing the new campaign, BMF Chairman Dr Leon Mannings said: “It is incredibly difficult to get accurate statistics on diesel induced accidents but we know from within motorcycling that it is a real menace. We may well have the reporting structure in place but the statistics are not being gathered so we have to take action ourselves and the KillSpills campaign provides an excellent focus.”

The BMF, Britain’s largest riders’ rights organisation with some 140,000 members, has a history of campaigning to reduce diesel spillage and other forms of road surface contamination and sees the KillSpills campaign, including the KillSpills rally through the streets of London on September 10th, as a major part of its campaign.

The BMF’s work in forcing through amendments to the EU Type Approval regulations relating to design of diesel fuel tanks; its success in having diesel spills included within the Home Office Stats 19 accident-recording regime and recent work on amendments to the Traffic Management Bill have all helped, but still the problem persists.

Supported by its preferred insurance provider Bennetts, the BMF will build on past success and support the KillSpills Team by:

* Lobbying MPs and appropriate governmental and non-governmental bodies on the diesel spills issue.
* Pressing for better reporting and collation using stats 19
* Stressing to diesel users via the motoring press and national media that there is a need for responsibility when handling diesel fuel
* Engaging with the non-professional driving segment of the transport industry i.e. private individuals hiring vehicles
* Producing a pocket sized information card with campaign slogan and simple advice on not ‘brimming’ diesel tanks
* Seeking partnerships with major road transport organisations

Commenting on the new sponsorship arrangements, Stephen Edwards of KillSpills said: “This is just what we need. The BMF have the contacts and lobbying expertise, what we have is the ability to get riders involved. Between us we hope to tackle the diesel menace for once and for all!”

Join the ride, wear the T shirt, share the day - be there if you care!

The KillSpills London Rally will be held on 10th September. Over 1000 riders are expected to join the escorted run. It will be an starting from the Ace Café on the North Circular Road and ending at the Houses of Parliament. The run coincides with the 11th Ace Café Reunion Weekend so although there will be a serious message, it will also be an opportunity to attend a fun day at the Ace!

KillSpills London Rally 10th September. Full details about the day, how you can support the campaign, download your poster, (971kb) buy a T- shirt etc on: or go direct to

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