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30/04 BMF press release


Bikes are great, we all know that, but bikes can bite and if you get things wrong, you stand a good chance of crashing. Yes crashing. Not an accident, a crash, because you did something wrong.

The BMF knows the casualty situation only too well and fights hard to get the authorities to see bike accidents in perspective, but we all have to recognise that around 65% of rural bike casualties are down to the rider losing control. No other vehicles involved, just rider error.

So have a look at the new ‘Handle It or Lose it’ website. Lots of useful tips, lots of information still to come and even maps, (supported by local authorities), giving the location of every safety camera so that you know the danger spots in advance.

This is a new, refreshing way of looking at bike casualty reduction. It’s a new initiative, it’s a new concept and the BMF wants it to succeed.

Started in North Yorkshire and spanning several counties, including North Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland and Lancashire, it now applies wherever you ride, its sole aim being to reduce bike injuries and fatalities.

Got a tale to tell on how you nearly lost it? The site invites you to log on and register your most ‘pants-filling moment’ to win a pair of promotional pants!

The campaign will be entered for a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award later this year and work has already started on developing a PC CD Rom game for you to have a go at during those dark winter months.

Check out the Handle it or Lose it website it here



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