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Safety Briefing

Stop the press! Summer's coming! Sunshine, warm dry roads and, unfortunately, a rise in the number of us who find ourselves swelling the numbers of injured or worse riders each year.

Despite what we all claim and perhaps believe, the vast majority of us who hurt ourselves do it all on our own without the assistance of that cretin in the Volvo. Why? Someone will be along soon enough to tell you that, I'm sure.

But in the meantime,take a look at this short film. Nothing nasty in it, just a gentle and rather well made reminder of what we need to be thinking of.

Astonishingly enough, it was made by those worthies at Think! who have clearly decided that actually yes, you can have a camaign that's intelligent and even amusing which still gets the message across...

Click here for the video.

Along the same lines, The Academy has just been launched. The Academy, hosted by THINK!, will be present at all of the British rounds of the championship. It is a platform to deliver motorcycle safety messages to bikers both at BSB and to the wider biking community.

The Academy is a centre for learning and is working with top teams, manufacturers, retailers and riders to provide advice from the experts on all aspects of safety. The Academy has linked up with 29 major riding brands including Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Shoei, Metzeler and Hein Gericke.

John Reynolds, former BSB champion, is supporting the Academy along with current top BSB riders and will make regular appearances at the Academy on race days. At each race the Academy will host rider interviews, advice from the experts as well as giveaways for top prizes including VIP tickets to races and pillion rides. There is also a chance to talk to members of BikeSafe, who will be encouraging riders to sign up for a skills assessment.

The Academy includes an exclusive Honda ride simulator. This will be the first time that members of the public will be able to test their skills on the simulator, giving them the opportunity to see how good they really are.

More information on the Academy can be found on the website

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