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Want to win something. . .for free?

Simon Bradley


Not a prize at the time of writing but almost certain to appear shortly. Probably the best lid on the market for the princely sum of nothing at all. Free, and with no catch...On the right hand side of the index page you'll notice a couple of square adverts. Hard to miss, as they're sitting there, animated, and don't really fit in with the rest of the page. That'll be to make them stand out, you see.

Anyway. They are advertising the opportunity to win various things. At the time of writing, you can win a Honda CBR125RR or a Yamaha YBR125, but as time moves on they'll change to offer all sorts of things - bikes, clothing, helmets and so on. Clicking on them takes you to a whole raft of options where there are plenty of other things you can pitch for as well.

Something for free. Hmm. I know - I was equally sceptical. Possibly more so. I'm a journalist, after all. So after getting the initial pitch for the advertising company I registered myself. Using a different e-mail address, obviously, so I wouldn't be identifiable.

Now let me be completely honest. The advertiser is a marketing company. And I'm sure that very few of you were even remotely surprised by that. They're owned by a large and respectable organisation, which is always vaguely reassuring, and they do seem to be pretty professional in their approach and customer handling. To enter the draw, all you need to do is register. When you do so, you set up your privacy levels, and I would urge you to set them carefully because this is the key to only getting the information you want. And yes, that can be virtually none at all if you so choose. I receive one mail a week on the address I used to register, and that's it. No spam.

Again, possibly the best sports 125 on the market. At least for sensible money. And you don't get much more sensible than free, do you?Why am I telling you this? Three reasons, really. First, these people have taken a flyer and elected to advertise with us. So they deserve a bit of support. Second, we (and that means you and I) are a suspicious lot, and something for nothing always has a catch. I wanted to reassure you that registering won't result in your being deluged by spam. And third, we get paid if you register. Not much, but something. You don't need to do anything else at all, just register. You get a chance to win some cool prizes for free and you help us cover the cost of running the magazine.

I'm opening a thread on the forum about this - please do drop in and let me know what prizes you'd like to see and whether or not you think it's a good idea.


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